“…I can’t recommend Callie enough!”


Before I even got engaged I knew I would want a live painting on my wedding day. Booking Callie was one of the first things I did after I got engaged! She was so easy to work with and wanted to make sure she painted exactly what me and my husband wanted. She painted our day perfectly and I can’t recommend Callie enough! 

- Emily


“She brought to life a moment that I will forever cherish!”

One of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding was hiring Callie Smith. She was genuinely interested in knowing what exactly I wanted captured on my big day- a special moment between the 2 of us while surrounded by our parents, grandparents, and closest friends. She brought to life a moment that I will forever cherish! 10/10 would recommend her! Thank you, Callie!!!

- Callie


“I think she puts herself in your shoes and really caters to you”

Go on Vimeo, search for “bobby and liz” and watch it! This was our vision the whole time, a phone call to katie and she literally picked up on everything!! I knew she would be great, she was referred to us from a renowned videographer in the area, and saying our video was perfect is an UNDERSTATEMENT! She and her dad came to our vacation rental the morning of the wedding to get started and they both are the kindest most wonderful people you could ever meet. She was super helpful, we eloped, and she, while videoing, was also stepping in where needed.. almost like an assistant-showing the photographer where my dress was since they came when i was getting my make up done… and she was very assertive and one step ahead of everyone!!

She is also very observant and pays attention to details…such as me hating my arms.. she had took video of me drying my hair and used parts of when i had a longer sleeved shirt on for the video, so when i saw the final video it was great because she did what she would have wanted if she were a bride with arms she hated… it sounds weird i know, even though my photographer was outstanding, i sometimes wish katie had a clone to have done the photography too because so many of my wedding pictures i felt the need to edit certain things myself… or wish that the photographer was as observant as katie is.

I think she puts herself in your shoes and really caters to you, but its natural for her it is just a talent she was blessed with, and being able to have her and even hear about her was a blessing to us!!!!!!!



They were like ninjas, you never saw them, but the video they produced showed that they were everywhere!”


Katie Smith Films is bar none, THE BEST!!!! Katie and her sister did an outstanding professional job. They were like ninjas, you never saw them, but the video they produced showed that they were everywhere! They were early to the events, and stayed late. We definitely feel like we got MORE than our money’s worth. We have viewed this video at least a dozen times, and still love seeing it. I recommend Katie Smith Films!!!


father of the groom

“I can not say enough good things!”

These girls are so incredibly talented and sweet!!! We are so in love with our wedding video. They made the day so special! I can not say enough good things! The best thing you can do is hire them!

- Ashley


“They are top notch professionals who know how to capture the day from an on-lookers prospective.”

Emori is amazing! She and her team are wonderful to work with. They captured so many precious moments that I’m excited to share with our families. I spent a small fortune the second I got the pictures making enough copies to share with my family. They are top notch professionals who know how to capture the day from an on-lookers prospective. They even knew how to work around my grumpy nephews who never stand still for any picture.
Thank you for capturing all the special moments of our day!

- Katie Ash


“All of their work is amazing.”

Katie and her crew from Coffee House Studio did an incredible job capturing our wedding. I could go on and on about how awesome Katie and Emory were, and how our wedding video was worth every penny, but just watch the video for yourself! All of their work is amazing.

-Courtney Anderson


“We laughed, cried, and laughed again.”

We just finished watching the wedding video Katie did for my daughter Courtney Anderson. It was beyond anything I will ever be able to describe. We laughed, cried, and laughed again. What’s so impactful is how she put it all together, matched with the perfect music, precise, and extremely moving. If you are reading this just know one thing. You will always be glad you chose her, and it will be the best money you ever spent. Her attention to the critical details was absolutely stunning.

-Kim Davis

father of the bride

“unbelievable job on a video for our family”

Katie and Emori did an unbelievable job on a video for our family. We were confident we didn’t give them nearly enough quality content, but they took our family mess and turned it into something beautiful!


dad, family adoption story video

“She will capture things in the video you never saw at the wedding.”

If you are trying to decide whether to book Katie my advice is do it! This was the best money we spent for our daughter’s wedding. I suggest you do without something else in order to have this wonderful memory forever. She will capture things in the video you never saw at the wedding. This is a priceless treasure of our special day! It’s also a great way to share your wedding with people who were not able to attend. We love our video. Katie went above and beyond to make sure she had footage of all the special little details of our day. You will not be disappointed.

- Annette

mother of the bride

“Don’t miss out on the perfect video.”

Katie left me speechless with my wedding video. All I can do is watch it over and over again and just cry and smile. It’s perfect. Simply perfect.
Her and her sister did an amazing job capturing our special day. So professional that I didn’t even realize there were cameras around. I wanted it to be authentic and my video was FAR beyond what I ever expected or could even imagine.
Katie’s heart and talent are going to take her so far. If you are looking for someone to capture your special day..THIS IS YOUR SIGN!
Don’t miss out on the perfect video.

Emily Hudspeth


“Great Job with Summer Camp Photo”


We had Coffee House Studio take pictures for SEACT Summer Camp and they did a wonderful job.




Brook Phillips

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