We know the BIG DAY is a BIG DEAL!

Our goal is to preserve your wedding memories in film ~ the friends, the family, the sweet, the funny, the real...

...and to have FUN while doing it!

So please scroll through our memories below, and see if our style fits yours!

what we do { sappy version }:

We know (and love!) that every couple has a different story and that's what makes the world of wedding videography go round.  The way we see it, a wedding film shouldn't be a JUST a cinematic blockbuster starring a bride and a groom and a bunch of really dressed up people.  It should be real. Unrehearsed.  You two. Your families and friends.  Oh, and the little moments.  You know, the ones that weren't planned or coordinated or put on the timeline.  Those are the best.  Those are the ones that make us smile or belly laugh or tear up. Or all three at the same time! 😉

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what we do { nitty-gritty version }:

We specialize in highlight films, which are a collage of special moments from your wedding weekend. We do come to film the rehearsal (for some weird reason, some of the most fun and candid shots happen when everybody is practicing being very solemn at the ceremony). ;-).  Not only does filming at the rehearsal allow us to get some great footage, it's also a chance to meet y'all, your families, and the wedding party, so that we're not strangers on wedding day.  On the big day, we are there for the "getting ready," first looks, all that good stuff...right up to the rice-throwing!  We don't hold couples to hourly cut-off's...we are there to capture the day, and we know each day is different.  We will coordinate each couple's schedule on a case by case basis to ensure we are there for all the moments that will capture the emotion of your day.  All of our music used in the films is licensed and legit.  This means we don't have access to most top-40 songs you hear on the radio, but we DO have access to some killer indie artists...and for us, picking the song is one of the big parts of making your film a success!

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one last note from yours truly:

Ultimately, hiring a videographer requires trust.  You're trusting your wedding memories to someone else's instincts and creativity...I think that's a big decision.  Every videographer has a different perspective, so you need to be sure that YOU connect with their storytelling style.  AND with them personally.  So, go check out our videos, and if you like what you see, get in touch!  I'm all about getting to know you, and making sure you LOVE your video.

sincerely, katie

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