Meet the Team!


Emori: Well-versed in both photography and videography. When she’s not with her camera or in the editing room making your moments even more beautiful…she’s probably out re-arranging her blueberry bushes or counting sheep. (Literally, she raises ’em. And figuratively, she loves naps.)

How she likes her coffee: With her cream and sugar.


Callie’s been a free-lance artist for the past nine years; experienced in charcoal, graphite, and colored-pencil, her medium of choice is paint. When she’s not cooking up a new piece of artwork, she’s probably taking a walk on the dustiest dirt road she can find.

How she likes her coffee: All day, if possible. All night, if necessary.


“If it moves, shoot.” That’s Katie’s motto. She gets a kick out of capturing your moments in video, then weaving them together in the editing room. Whether it’s photo or video, capturing personality gets Katie excited. When she’s not shooting or editing, she’s probably either watching a sappy movie or talking…or both.

How she likes her coffee: With cream and a graham cracker.


Audio, second shooter, and our go-to girl for script writing, Maura doesn’t like getting pinned to one job. When she’s not doing one of the above, she’s probably cooking up new story plots.

How she likes her coffee: Strong.