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When selecting a photographer, you're selecting more than just an album of pictures two months after your wedding. You're selecting a person who will be a big part of the day itself -- spending a lot of time with you and your family, coordinating with your other vendors, and working with everyone to keep the day running smoothly. I believe a truly good photographer has to be more than just a good "image-taker." They need to be a fun and easy person to work with too!


Something I've observed about weddings since I first began working in the business, is that they are becoming more and more associated with stress rather than fun, as the importance of the actual day is being usurped by the importance of the IMAGE of the day.  There really is no need for this! While I will still allot plenty of time for pictures, and check all the boxes, like any good photog, my ultimate goal is for YOU to truly enjoy the day while I document it. I'm here for the unplanned moments, the candid laughter, and the genuine smiles that will make you laugh or cry or both many years down the road. These are what make a "picture perfect" wedding!

So...long story short, if you like to smile until you can't feel your lips, I'm not your girl!




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My style is natural and candid, warm and nostalgic. I love shooting people in their element! Even when I pose, I encourage and tend to shoot for images that I can actually see you using -- framing on the wall or hanging on the fridge. Take a moment and skim through my portfolio to make sure we're a good match!


Will I travel?

You bet! Shoot me an email and let's talk travel plans!

To to view more photos, check out my full galleries HERE!