What'n earth is a Live Event Painting, and how's it work?

Hey folks, I'm Callie. And if you haven't heard of live event paintings yet, here's how it works:

You’re planning an event — be it a wedding or a garden party or a fish fry — and you book me to come and paint said event.  After you’ve booked me, we’ll talk about what part of the event you’d like me to paint. For example, if I’m painting at your wedding, then you can decide if you’d like me to paint the ceremony, first dance, etc. (If you’d like me to include certain people in the painting, then be sure to ask. I can usually fit up to ten recognizable people into a painting.)

Note: Live event paintings are impressionistic and focus on the moment. It’s not going to have a ton of detail, but I will make people identifiable by clothing, hair, and build. If you are looking for a detailed painting, then you might like to check out the PORTRAITS page.

I will stay for the greater part of the event, or until I have put most of your awesome time on canvas! Then I’ll pack up and finish your awesome painting at my studio. This process takes 1-3 weeks, depending on how busy I am. When it is complete, I’ll contact you with a preview pic of the finished product. When we’re all satisfied, I’ll either mail or deliver your painting (depending on proximity).

And you will live happily ever after.




To stay up-to-date on my work, visit me on FACEBOOK! Meanwhile, happy trails!

(while this painting was not done live, the video gives you an idea of how I work.)