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About Us

We are a full service media studio, based in North Florida. Basically whatever you are looking for in the video/photography/art field, we’re here to help. We offer Wedding Highlights, Actor Reels, Photography, and Live Event Paintings, to name a few. To learn more, check out our categories.

that said…

You may be wondering,

“What’s with the name?”

Good question.

We are four sisters…..who over several late nights (and cups of joe), used to love brainstorming about opening up a coffee shop together: something quaint and downtown-ish, with a grand piano in the corner, and a funky name….you get the idea.

While our dreams of owning our own coffee shop percolated, our paths gradually diverged as we each pursued different schemes in production and the arts…until they crossed again. At some point, it dawned on us that we were all working in the same industry, and that we might as well open up that coffee house after all!

So welcome to Coffee House…Studio.